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  1. 'Service' or 'services' refers to ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) application processing service provided by
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    We help prevent issues with your ESTA application by screening for potential problems and contacting you to verify and confirm information before submitting it for approval, and only submitting applications we judge to be valid. Most applicants will receive an emailed notice of approval from our service inside 24 hours, although the process can require as long as 72 hours.

    If our internal review deems that your application will not succeed, we will apply your money-back guarantee and refund your service fees before any submission to the ESTA process, saving you the processing fees ESTA charges for all applications. You will still have the option to submit your own application independently or through a different private company. However, only the United States government can ultimately approve or disapprove an ESTA application.

    In the event your ESTA application is denied, we will issue a full refund of service charge to your card account and advise you to apply for a non-immigrant visitor visa at your nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.

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